Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lone Pine...Final

Lone Pine...14 inches by 11 inches...Watercolor on 300wt. paper

After listening to the comments of various people, I added roots to the tree although they were completely hidden by the rocks in the original photo and toned down the foliage on the clifftop. Thank you to everyone who critiqued this painting and to those who thought it was fine as it was.

Having people like the painting just as I have painted it pleases me. That means the possible changes are not immediately visible.

It is always easier for me to see what another artist can change to improve a painting than it is for me to see what I could change in my own work. If I immediately notice something that doesn't feel right on my paintings, I keep on working. I know it is not ready to show to anyone. It's those "maybe yes" "maybe no" changes that are harder to figure out.

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