Thursday, October 13, 2011

The 22nd Annual Ohio Renaissance Festival...Oct.15,16...Last Weekend in 2011

This coming weekend is the last one for this year's Renaissance Festival at Harveysville, Ohio. Hours are from 10:30 AM to 6 PM. Once you pay the admission there are lots of free shows on eleven different stages. Many booths feature arts and crafts that you are not likely to find elsewhere. We had never gone to an Renaissance Festival until our granddaughter started working at this one. We missed a lot of years of fun. Every year and every weekend are different.

These are photos Tom took when we went to the festival in September. Enjoy them.

Lots of people come in costume.

Lots of people come in ordinary clothing also.

You can buy or rent costumes.

Sometimes children dress up.

This is one of the rides the children like.

This is a photo taken at one of the many shows.

This piper played at the Swordsmen Theatre.

Every year there are different plays on the Pirate Stage.

There are lots of eating places.

Cast in Bronze played on the Ups and Downs.

Every afternoon there is a human chess match. These are chessmen entering the board. They will battle for their side. Notice the weapons.

The chess match is always attended by Queen Elizabeth I.

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