Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Portrait and Figure Studio, Oct. 6

Our model

Watercolor sketch, 4 minutes, 4 inches by six inches

Watercolor sketch, 5 minutes, 4 inches by six inches

The model sat for four minutes but I continued working on the sketch for an additional minute or two. I had noted a few bits of information that I had not recorded in the first four minutes.

Watercolor, 1 1/4 hours, (three sittings), 8 inches by 10 inches

Adjusting the lips was next on my agenda, but I received a phone call and decided I had to leave.

I worked on the portrait for another hour at home, using the photo I took for information. This is still a sketch and as I look at it, I see changes that could be made but I feel I made progress.

This was the last Portrait and Figure Studio until November. My hope is to continue to do a portrait sketch every week until then.

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