Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lilian Nichols, Polymer Clay Artist...Making Leaves

On October 23, Lilian taught four of us some techniques for making leaves with polymer clay. She showed us two of her finished necklaces, the one she was wearing, shown below in a closer photo and the one following it. One of the artists was wearing a third variation. I neglected to get a photo of that one.

We started with a stack like this one. We chose our own colors.

And here are some of the results.

This artist cut two more slices like these below, made them perfectly square and decided to turn them into earrings with backings she had at home. Won't they be pretty?

This is the temporary necklace I put together after stopping at Walmart for glass beads. It is not quite long enough. I will probably make a few more round beads. And I may come up with a different arrangement. I was pleased with my first effort.

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  1. Very pretty..I like your colors..I am so not into "old Lady" purple. I watched something similar on TV ..it all looks so easy:)