Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Camille

Here you are when you were three weeks old.

A little less than a year later you were celebrating Halloween.  Don't you look like a cuddly bunny?

This was taken when you lived in Virginia.  You were three years old.

When you visited us in 2004, you had a lot of fun with the collection of realistic plastic animals.

When I saw you ride this mechanical bull, I decided you would make a good cowgirl.

You were braver than I would have been at the Renaissance Festival of the Carolinas.  You gave me this thumbs up just before the man hooked the bungee cords to the harness.  I smile to see the smile on your face.

Up, up and away!

Here you are with the flower wreath you wore at the Renaissance Festival.  The sun was really bright.

Now why were you smiling when you were washing that pan?  Maybe you were thinking of what you were planning to do later.

I hope your special day was a good one. 

Lots of love from Grandma

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