Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Drawing Classes

I have been teaching children's drawing for over thirty years. These are some of the drawings done by seven of the eleven students in my five week class. These students were third, fourth, and fifth grade students.
Each lesson is a stand alone lesson so if students are sick or have a family activity, they can skip a week and return the following week.

The first week we talked about trees and how to show that some branches are on the front of the trunk, some are on the side and some are behind the others. I asked the students to choose a color other than brown, black or gray to do the basic drawing.

I took all the photos at the third lesson. Some of the students didn't have their earlier drawings with them. My little camera had difficulty with the artificial lighting. The drawings are all on white paper.

We discussed the general shapes of animals seen from the side in the second lesson and then drew tigers and lions from models.

Each student chose a dog from my collection of dog models for the third lesson. One of the challenges was drawing the model bigger than it was if the model was a small one. Another challenge was drawing the dog from the front. Before we started, I gave them balls for the head and paper cups for the muzzle to help them understand the shapes they were drawing.

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