Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Robert

I hope this day has been a wonderful one for you. Enjoy your dinner with your family. I'll be thinking of you.

I was pleased when I came across the photo below. You spent a lot of hours riding the Fisher-Price Scooter down Grandpa's front porch ramp. Twenty-four feet of fun.

You and your mom share joy at your third birthday party. Got milk?

Here is a photo of the cake Grandpa made to your specifications.

In 1999, you were your mom's escort to the prom. And you were a handsome one.

When you were in fifth grade, you made a big impression with your portrayal of Injun Joe in Tom Sawyer. Injun Joe's threats carried to the back of the auditorium.

It's been fun watching you from your debut as the Knave of Hearts when you were in your first Children's theater play to your parts in the high school and Troy Civic Theatre plays.

There was a time many, many years ago when I could play chess with you but by the time this photo was taken in 2004, I was no match for you.

Grandpa took this photo when you played as part of the Troy Jazz Band at the Troy Senior Citizens program. That was a pleasant evening. We heard lots of the golden oldies.

And here you are conducting the band at the Miami County Fair this past August.

Here's hoping that the coming year is full of wonderful experiences for you. Happy, happy birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday Robert..I enjoyed the old photos..they made me smile! Gosh they grow up so fast:)